Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just Landed: stationery

Kikki.K have just released their latest range of fab stationery goodies, including my fave, the Do It Yourself calendar for 2009. Never one for using any stock designed wall calendar as a design statement in my house (barf), this is exactly what I have been driven mad looking for every year: something understated which can be personalised - hoorah! I'm loving...

The Do It Yourself Calendar 2009

Obsessed with red stripe crossgrain ribbon; Scandinavia calendar 2009, Red Wave pencils

Bird Notebook; Blue crossgrain ribbon

At Kikki.k, at the Canberra Centre. Gorgeous!


machenmachen said...

Arrggghhh those calendars are bad. Can it be true that Australia's most popular calendar is "Studs and Spurs?"

I am also coveting the little coin purses in Kikki.k's scandinavian range. Perfectly unneccessary necessity, I think

Grant said...

Studs and Spurs? Where can I get such a thing???

I love the two ribbons that you've got up here Nina, they're giving me all sorts of crafty ideas.

I'm sorry that I haven't finished your necklace, but I will this weekend I promise.


ninaribena said...

Studs and Spurs... aren't they divine! Hasn't the Calendar Club got a lot to answer for... eww!

Thank you so much Grant, I think i see a little house cooling prezzie in your near future! Need any cushions? xxx