Monday, September 1, 2008

Aaaaand We're Back: Spring fever fever fever

Wow can you believe winter is behind us and Spring has sprung? (on paper at least!!!). What a fabulous time in Canberra right now. Coming up this month we have a smorgasbord of fabulous goings on which I will gleefully be sharing with you my dear readers.
Something new on Canberra's Got Style will be the addition of "Events this month" in the side bar where you can go straight to the Canberra's Got Style run down (or weblink) of your chosen festivity/exhibition/shindig etc. And if you want to share your event with the Canberra's Got Style readers, just email me the details. This is going to be fun.
So what is happening in Canberra this September? Of course we have the massive Floriade festival at which I will be delving head first into flower beds to bring you the Ninaribena low down. We also have the shiny Grande Opening of DFO, Canberra Nara Candle Festival, loads of fabulous spring fashion and more too-clever Canberran artists and designers interviews.

I will also, this month, be revealing the "secret projects" which had me hiding under a rock for the last week or so... so stay tuned, it's going to be crazy!


meagz said...

Hey, it was great to meet you today, thanks for stopping by the store! Was one of your little ones carrying around a bottle of Ribena?

ninaribena said...

Ha ha ha... yes a huge bottle of Ribena! It was lovely to meet you too Meagan - FINALLY! :-)