Thursday, September 11, 2008

DFO, Floriade and fashion-tastic weekend

Big weekend upcoming, begining with the auspicious opening of Canberra's second outlet retail centre (do we really need two of these?) DFO. Tonight is the VIP opening for attendees with special invitations (ok, the people who were industrious enough to have logged on to the DFO website and asked for one a couple of weeks ago). I will be attending this evening to bring you the first look inside and a look at the best fab fashion and designer good stuff ready for you to check it out this weekend. The centre opens to the public Friday morning.

Then Saturday sees the opening of Canberra's all consuming floral festival, Floriade. But I will be busy Saturday morning at The Canberra Centre's "C High Tea" spring fashion event. I invited fellow Canberran blogger and fab fashionista, Lady Smaggle, along for a shared discussion about Canberra's fashion scene... MORE ABOUT THAT LATER... DOMESTIC CHAOS CALLS...

***updated*** domestic chaos = 16sq metres of oats on floor, reminder to self: have eyes on back of head checked.

Also, major ques at the DFO opening, possibly half of Canberra there, gahhh, much shoe pain! reminder to self: wear less self indulgently glam shoes next time. Inside, much shoe joy, almost enough to dull shoe pain. Very special VIPs treated to a private party with bubbly, nibblies and dance music, shopping was exhausting enough!

Quite the little estate behind DFO, the proposed East Fyshwick site, but I have a question: Iron Knob street in Fyshwick... is somebody out there smirking thinking they are awfully well endowed? or is it named after a politician? Could they have thought that one through a little better?


Anonymous said...

you and 3000+ other special attendees;)
What a line up that was!

Anonymous said...

iron knob is a town in South australia!