Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Floriade: Hot or not?

So this is already my second trip to Floriade this year, the first on Monday was the day I left the house without the memory card for the ole camera! Clever me!

Both days were enjoyed with impeccable weather. Monday was spent with interstate family who were in town (from Perth) for the Bentley Drivers Club rally, sporting their gasp worthy extreme vintage Bentley. Sadly they were not overly impressed with Floriade.

Today, I spent time with another yummy mummy and her two (and my two), for a look at what the kids love...

Hot: Masses of gorgeous blooms.
Not Hot: Designing the flower beds in plan - pointless when you can't actually view them from that particular angle.

Hot: The idea of the Floriade theme: "Films that shaped our Nation"
Not Hot: the reality of the Floriade theme: "Films that shaped our Nation"

Hot: The gorgeous sunny weather today.
Not Hot: the majority of the 'designer' display gardens this year, very poor... boo.

Hot: The kids absolutely loving the baby animal petting zoo.
Not Hot: No hand washing for afterward!? boo.

Hot: The "Australia Fair" Concert Street Organ. Donate to keep it alive people, become an organ donor ;-)
Not Hot: The 'decorated' caravan/cubby houses by CIT students studying building and decoration etc... er, not actually decorated at all and completely unfinished inside... boo. But what I could do with those!

Hot: New lakeside carpark is much less of a s*** fight.
Not Hot: The gnome department, relocated and vastly reduced in quantity and gnome quality... boo. Although, I'm quite sure I will never see another gnome as cool as this one.

Hot: Floriade's new Nightfest program
Not Hot: Wondering how they are planning to shoo everyone out of the park, so that only paying ticket holders attend Nightfest !?!

Visit the Floriade website for more info on what there is to see, and if you've been, leave a comment... tell us what you thought was hot, or not!

...and here's a few more flowers I spotted in my neighbourhood...

Have a beautiful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Taronga Park zoo manages to get punters out on nights when people pay (extra) to attend a show, or for Roar and Snore.

Anonymous said...

What would this world be with flowers that stay in full bloom for precisely four weeks, in order to please those 'Floriaders' who cannot be easily pleased?

Hot: all flowers, in bloom or not
Not: people who scrape the bottom of the barrel to find something to whinge about

Hot: CIT students giving it a go
Not: those who complain about others' efforts

Hot: being able to see the beauty in everything
Not: tunnel vision

A big poo boo hoo to yoo.

ninaribena said...

Perhaps i should clarify (just for you there anon) that I actually love Floriade and will be back this season to visit regularly to enjoy it all.

I read about the students caravan project about a month ago and it sounded really exciting, like the Brighton beach huts which were featured last year (I think?), you know, individually designed, each one different etc, so, of course, I couldn't wait to check it out. So among the blooming flower beds and all this lovely colour, I was disappointed to see the caravans were not decorated at all - excellent building exercise though, well done.

I hope you also enjoyed Floriade Anon, maybe next time you can leave your name!

Cheers and happy day to you too,

Nina x

Kerces said...

I also thought the design of the beds was a little odd, especially since they didn't have any raised viewing platforms to be able to see what was going on from. In the past the CIT apprentices have built the platforms instead of the caravans and cabins and so on.

That said, I loved the Moulin Rouge bit behind Stage 88 with all those colours mixed together – it reminded me of an old fashioned patchwork quilt.

I also like that they're having so many performances this year. I went to see James Morrison and Emma Pask today and they were, as usual, brilliant – and free!

Anonymous said...

Now that's more like it! Positivity! Shame there wasn't more of it in your original blog.

As Shakespeare said ... "What's in a name?"

Enjoy Floriade, and do try to smell the flowers ...