Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This weekend: Sustainable house day

Sustainable House Day, now in its seventh year, is a symbol of the growing green
consciousness in the ‘burbs. Nationally over 100 homes will be opening offering the general public the opportunity to experience an achievable sustainable lifestyle in their neighbourhood. This event allows you to meet home owners who can guide you on sustainable lifestyle choices for your home and show you how easy and economical the move to green living can be.

”Over the last seven years of Sustainable House Day we have seen a dramatic increase in interest in the benefits of domestic energy efficiency. People now realise they need to reduce their energy, water and waste needs in their home, but we have noticed that some are still confused on where to start”, said Judy Celmins National Media Manager for Sustainable House Day.
Many of these homes are not necessarily purpose built showcase homes either. Many look just like every other home in the street - until you walk inside.

Ready to go sustainable? There is nothing better than talking to people who have already done it. You can learn the good and the bad and talk to not just the homeowners, but often the architects, designers, builders and other relevant trades people.

Check out which Canberra homes are open this weekend at the Sustainable House Day website.
$5 entry to each house helps toward event costs.


Lady Smaggle said...

Oh thank so much for the lovely invitation! I would love to come but Mr Smaggle returns from America that morning and I suspect I have to pick him... what time and where is it? Can you send me some details to my email

I do hope I can join you!

Imelda Matt said...

It's all a go in our Nationals Capital...pleased to have stumbled across your blog via the Smaggle.