Wednesday, May 7, 2008

100th post: Celebrations & give aways!

Welcome to Canberra's Got Style's 100th post!
Celebrate with me and win some fabulous styling gifts! All you have to do is leave a comment telling me how you found Canberra's Got Style, what your favourite bits are and what you would like to see more of.

Canberran readers, who can also tell me what their favourite thing about Canberra is, will go into the draw to win a batch of these amazing Canberra's Got Style cupcakes designed by Cake Sera Sera. Share them with your fabulous friends or your work mates - or indulge yourself silly!

And if you don't live in Canberra, but enjoy reading anyway, you wont miss out. I'll also be giving away a package of unique Canberra Style goodies to one lucky reader.

So, to be in it... leave me a comment, and don't forget to include your name if you are anonymous!
All comments received this month go into the draws - but don't forget - I need to know if you are local or not!


Mandy Splendor said...

I found your blog by googling "Canberra style blog" (or something similar) in a moment of boredom a few months ago. I'm actually really pleased I stumbled across you as now I have a little more knowledge about Canberra's hidden qualities - which means my favourite bits are the shop reviews ;) But I also love all of the images you use to boost everything.

Favourite thing about Canberra? Not physical here, but I love how the city, (ANU) campus and the suburbs all have individual climate zones. I dress for winter and get to the city to find it's summer only to have a blustery day on campus. Only in Canberra.

harlow said...

I think I found you from the absolutely beautiful things blog. Have lived in Canberra and you keep me updated on the things I liked about it. Hate the cold weather back in warm sunny brisbane for now. I love seeing what is happening in Canberra now and great things/places to see when we visit. Thanks. Harlow

twitchy fingers said...

Found you through the Shopping Sherpa. I love the shop reviews - I can't believe there are so many places I haven't found! I'm Canberra born and bred and love the accessibility if amenities, and the community feeling. Thank for a great blog!

Martin Miles said...

I discovered this blog after you emailed me a while back—I've followed it since then. Canberra born and bred, too. I suppose I like it because of the weather, which is quite extreme really, with hot summers and cold winters. Also like the open spaces and the landscape. Depressed about a lot of the development that is taking place here, though.

Kerces said...

I found your blog via an email sent to me from a little robot that trawls the net searching for mentions of Canberra (which still talks to me from my days writing for RiotACT).
My favourite thing about Canberra's Got Style is that you've got a very similar sense of style to me so I always enjoy the things you've chosen to talk about (but that probably doesn't help much with knowing about future directions). I also really enjoy the profiles of designers where they talk about what inspired them and so on – I love getting to know the story behind something.
I'm not in Canberra anymore, so any cupcakes would probably be squashed/stale by the time they got to me, but my favourite thing about the city that will always be home to me is that there's just so much going on culturally that you can always find something fun and interesting to do. And there are small bars, not just giant drinking holes (can you tell I moved to regional NSW?).

Emily B said...

I found your blog a couple of months ago after googling "Twenty600" and finding a link to your review of it. Well, it was love at first sight! Of course, I always knew Canberra was more classy than what Melbournians and Sydney-siders would have you believe, but to see the best of Canberra design collected on a website was a dream! I love the entries on stores you've found and interesting homes that are on the market! Oh, and I love the interviews with local arty people!

I'd love to see more about what you're making and how to put together fun and quirky fashion from the things you find in Canberra stores. You know, kind of like the "fashion pages" of various magazines, only from affordable items available locally!

My favourite thing about Canberra is its design, oddly enough! I just did an assignment for Art History at ANU on Burley Griffin's plan, and am in awe of how well it is designed. Not to mention the autumn colour! You know how at Christmas the whole family piles into the car to drive past all the best-lit houses with fairy lights? Well, I do that in Autumn, by driving around the inner South and looking at all the tree-lined, gorgeously decorated streets!

JustJess said...

Those cakes are too good to pass up! I found you through RedInstead. I love your view on Canberra, and the gems you find. I love that you recommend things, promote little businesses, and that your tastes are similar to mine. I just want to see more of the same!

Anonymous said...

I found you through Shopping Sherpa or Wardrobe Refashion, I can't remember which. I keep coming back because, well, I am following my boy to Canberra some time this year and your blog makes me feel heaps better about the decision to move there.

I like everything, but I think your photos are especially fab. And I'd like to see more bars/restaurants featuring, because I need to make a list of places to go once I get there.

Though I'm not officially a Canberran just now, my favourite thing about it would be the horizon. Unlike Sydney, you can always see the horizon in Canberra and the feeling of space and freedom is just wonderful.

Fiona said...

I'm a Canberra girl these days, but do not remember how I found your blog :\ It was proabbly linked to by someone else, but I really don't know who. According to bloglines, though, I've been subscribed since December 3, not sure if that helps!

I love when you feature Canberra indy designers, people I might see down the markets if I could get out more :p But giving me their links to browse is beautiful too.

I love Autumn in Canberra. The changing colours of the leaves, and the fact that we HAVE REAL SEASONS here. :)

Fiona said...

ACtually, have only been subscribed since Jan 22. hehe

Bells said...

Great work on your first 100 posts! Great blog. I think it's so valuable to have our city displayed for the wonderful place it is. I'm with Twitchy Fingers - community, accessibility and also the space - I love the open space. I never feel suffocated here.

Found you through The Shopping Sherpa.

Michelle said...

I honestly can't remember how I found your site. It may have been Shopping Sherpa, but I might have also found it via google reader.

I've loved all your posts, particularly the shop reviews and the insights into people's homes, such as your own. I'm in the process of doing up my own home, and after a full refurb on the last home, I'm spent and very uninspired!

I've been in Canberra 17 years, cming from NQ. What I love about it? The seasons. The dry air. The blue sky in the middle of winter. The fact it's such a great city to cycle in. Love it here.

Ruth said...

Congratulations on 100 wonderful posts. I discovered your site through Button Beauty blog and have now added it as a favourite. I like learning more about Canberra, I'm not just passing through any more, I'm raising my children here. I love how family orientated Canberra is with lots of parks, recreation and bike paths. I also love being able to see mountains from so many locations (grew up in Tassie).

Well done,


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been in Canberra 15 years now, and I love that there is always something new to discover. Canberra hides it's light really well, and that's one of the reason's I love your blog. I found it about 12 mths ago after googling "Canberra Design Blog" desperate to find a local equivalent to "design sponge" and other favourite overseas design blogs. I love hunting down all the "new" things you write about!

cristy said...

Hi, I found your blog through a US blog that was writing about Australian style (found through Kirin Notebook).

I am a Canberra girl- have lived here most of my life and I guess I love the familiarity the most. However, I also love the seasons, the autumn colours; the blue-sky winters; the view of the Brindabellas over the lake in winter (especially when they have a touch of snow); and the trees. Canberra is also nice because of the type of person that tends to live here: politically aware and left-wing, which tends to make for interesting dinner-party conversation and plenty of opportunities for new friendships...

I'll stop now. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I only just found your site tonight, while looking for kid stuff (think it was through Canberra Kids) and think it's fab.

Those cupcakes are gorgeous and remind me of a birthday cake I had made (won't tell what number b'day was!) that had a beautiful magenta lotus flower made of icing on top, with a little gold buddha statue perched in the middle and cumquats scattered around the edge - stunning! It was a lime and tangello cake inside! Mmm.

Been in Canberra for 5 years - as for favourite things about the place ... while still on food - Silo cafe and bakery in Kingston does fantastic breakfasts (gruyere cheese omelettes) and amazing tarts (vanilla brulee ... mmm). Also, Satis in Watson does a mean vegie breaky - the fetta and chilli hash browns with poached eggs is scintillating!

Non-food things - The Hive in Braddon, small shop and gallery, is jam-packed with interesting and beautiful things.

Thanks for your blog site Nina - it's great!

Jonesie said...

Hello, I think I found you through a google search for Canberra blogs!
I love the reviews of the cool places - bars, food places, shops - Have lived here for two years and still discovering things!
I love the fact I can ride my bike almost everywhere i need to go in Canberra.
Keep up the good work!

chrubuky said...

Hi Nina,

I'm a Canberra girl currently living in San Francisco. Actually, I think I know you from CIT Interior Design?

Anyhoo, I found your blog through Google when I was searching for posts about the Balloon Spectacular.

One of the things I love (and miss) most about Canberra is the phenomenal palette of colours and their accompanying seasons. The pearl grey misty winter mornings, the steely blue glints of light from Lake Burley Griffin, the roasty reds of autumn, golden slivers of dried summer grasses and the dreamy blue greens of the gums.

You just don't find such visually beautiful seasonal display anywhere else.

Jo said...

Well done on 100 posts!
The biggest compliment I can give you is that I wish I had had this idea myself!
I have been following your site every other day since December when a friend told me about it. I love your mix of things to do, places to visit, makers of stylish things and of course- cool shops. It makes me proud to live here- Thanks!
Waht is my favourite thing about Canberra? Having lived O/S for a while and returning to Canberra it has to be the ease of living here, the opportunities to participate in fantastic events- many free, the fresh air,the seasons, the lake surrounded by amazing architecture and more recently- the rolling fog and frosty mornings- How blessed are we?
I look forward to your next 100 posts!