Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cake's Got Style: Cake Sera Sera

How amazing are these cupcakes designed by Stephanie of Cake Sera Sera? And the inspiration... why, it's the Canberra's Got Style office of course!!!
Stephanie caught my eye a short time ago as the designer of this fabulous Chanel Handbag cake (flanked by handmade Jimmy Choo shoe and mobile phone - in icing!). But these cupcakes have just knocked my Monolos off - very stying details - and fits the decore to a tea!

"I love to make 3 dimensional cakes and I love experimenting with colours. I bake, sculpt, and decorate all the cakes myself and the handbag and shoes cake is probably one of my favourite cakes to make. It's great to see cakes getting away from the traditional round or square cake with white icing and minimal decoration."

"I think the best thing about making cakes is creating something that looks real but is completely edible, and seeing people's faces when they pick up their cakes, especially children." Yes the red flowers are handmade and edible!

If you need an amazing custom designed cake or cupcakes... I think you know who to call now! And check out the website because Cake Sera Sera do wedding cakes, kids party cakes, ultra cute cookies and so much more. Email Stephanie at info@cakeserasera.com.au

Stephanie, they are so gorgeous (and delicious).Thank you so very very much, you are amazing! Nina x

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