Friday, May 2, 2008

Australian Fashion Week Favourites

As Canberra's chill sets in for a freezing winter, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week wraps up in Sydney, and it looks pretty hot! Here's what our incredible Australian Designers are serving up for Spring/Summer 2008/9. Turn up the heater and curl up with your hot chocolate because here are my favourite picks...

Sass & Bide (neutrals with a jolt of colour)
Alex Perry; Sandra Backlund; Michelle Jank

Easton Pearson (love the colour and pattern here, lovely belt details, very feminine)

Ginger and Smart (left); Manning Cartell (right and centre)

Nicola Finetti (love love love!); Romance Was Born

Lisa Ho (left); Shakuhachi (centre and right)

Thurley; Jean-Pierre Braganza; Wayne Cooper

Mad Cortes (madly in love with this range...sigh)
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Check out the full coverage of the event at including video footage of the shows, designer interviews and celebrity gossip.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nina,

I discovered your blog because I typed 'Canberra' and 'Blog' into google because I was hoping to get some sort of a Canberra Blogging community together. Turns out there already is one! I've been blogging for six years now but on and off. Just started a new blog which I'm hoping to make a little more Canberra centric.

I love your blog: some of my favourite bits of Canberra are up here on display and then on top of that there's this whole wave of stuff I didn't even know about! Thank you so much for doing this, I think Canberra really needs it.

And my favourite thing about Canberra? Check out my blog, there's a whole entry dedicated to it.

Love your blog!