Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Celebrity shoes: Carmen Steffens

New to the Canberra Centre is entirely covetable shoes and accessories boutique label Carmen Steffens, only the second store in Australia (debuting in Perth). Every item is handmade in Brazil... and believe me these pieces are art. It's no wonder they are loved by Hollywood celebs and stylists.

"Carmen Steffens products incorporate exclusive Brazilian designs and utilise handcrafted adornments, hand stitched embroidery, authentic Austrian crystals and unparalleled attention to detail. The shapes and colours are inspired by the lifestyle of the fashion savvy, discriminating, and confident woman, delivering a level of exclusivity, beauty and unique Brazilian style which can be found in no other brand."


Carmen Steffens boutique is on level 1 in the Canberra Centre (next to the Oroton boutique). Ph 6162 4975


Alyrose said...

Fabulous!!! I really like the alligator shoes collection, specially those cheetah skin stuff boots, those are looking HOT and rocking.

Mandy Splendor said...

Want the purple and pink heels. Don't want the price tag I assume is attached to them! They look the perfect height and with a non-spindly heel. Curse thee light purse!

Michelle said...

I just bought three paris of heels and each one is unbelievably comfortable! There's no other brand like it

ninaribena said...

Go Michelle!!! three pairs, nice. I'm completely a bit in luuurve with the big yellow bag, and well, all of the boots...ooooh.

Lucy said...

Very classy looking shoes