Monday, May 12, 2008

Lanterne Rooms

Canberra has a cool new dining venue run by one of the city’s most dynamic restaurant teams. Lanterne Rooms is the latest venture for Chris Hansen and Josiah Li, the same pair who are behind The Chairman & Yip in Civic and Cape Cod at Deakin.

In a space which could be described as Hong Kong warehouse meets Queenslander style, the restaurant features some very beautiful Vietnamese lanterns and sliding louvred wall panels, able to create private areas for patrons.

Asian influences are abound with the reeded ceiling and heavy timber elements in the interior. What a beautiful space for a unique dining experience.

French-trained Malaysian chef Jeffrey Shim presents mostly European style dishes with Asian influences. Have a look at this review for a taste of what is on offer.

Lanterne Rooms is at the Campbell Shops 3 Blamey Pl, Campbell ACT Contact 02 6249 6889 to make your booking.

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timwrites1 said...

I enjoyed my first dinner here a few weeks ago.

The high-back chairs are more comfortable than they might look if you just peer through the main front windows. That extra comfort factor becomes more significant the further you get through the courses. :)

Some table staff were noticeably more knowledgeable than others about food in general and specific details in the menu, but this could well have been part of the opening-week 'shakedown'.

Before trying this new restaurant, I didn't know pickled radish could be a classy condiment for oysters in the shell, but I do now and strongly recommend them. I'll also recommend the cardamom-flavour ice cream with pineapple jelly for dessert, especially after a substantial dish like braised pork belly.

Tim @ 'Molongloblogger'