Thursday, May 1, 2008

Scottish Jewel: Sinead Buckney

This lovely Scottish expat, now in Canberra for keeps, tells us about her unique jewellery designs...

Sinead, How would you describe your personal style?

Colourful, contemporary, simplistic, elegant, eye-catching! I like to create pieces that are eye-catching and different enough for everyone to ask where you got them, but still versitile enough to wear with many outfits. My designs are based on the shapes that construct the world around us, through nature and man made applications. I love the way these can be combined in infinite combinations, playing with shapes and sizes.
How long have you been making Jewellery?
I Studied jewellery design at the Dundee University in Scotland, graduating three years ago. The course encouraged experimenting with new materials, leading me to my degree show collection where I made bold tactile pieces with silicon rubber. (Viewable on my website). After graduating, I set up a workshop with two other friends where we designed and handmade our own jewellery. I also have worked in various traditional manufacturing jewellers part-time since graduating where I have learnt many traditional jewellery techniques. I feel it is of vital importance that the traditional techniques are maintained.
Who or what influences your work?
Being so passionate about jewellery, it is always in my subconcious. I love texture and pattern, you will often find me taking close up pictures of unusual things around Canberra, usually bringing funny looks from passers by! There is inspiration everywhere. It can take a while for this to develop into a design so I often find myself doodling on the bus in my beloved notebook. The way you see something in your head and how this translates in metal can be very different so a design is never completely finished when I start to make it.

You use some pretty interesting techniques, can you tell us about those?
I use silicon rubber as it is a great fun material, with a great tactility to it. I love that I can make it in any colour my heart desires. I have recently started working in cold enamel as an alternative to the silicon, it has a shiny finish and contrasts nicely with the matt finish on the silver. I love to compliment the colours of my outfit with the colours in my jewellery.
I use etching to translate my hand drawings onto the silver which gives a great surface texture. It really catches the eye but it still subtle enough to wear with everything.

Where can we see your full range, and where can we buy it?
The best place to see all of my current pieces and newest designs is at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston. I am there once a month (the dates are listed on my website). Apart from the market, I run a website which I regularly update with each new item I make, this enables potential customers to see some of the private commissions I have made as well as the items I've sold!
I also sell my pieces through Australian designer online galleries; Modamuse and Georgielove. I display my pieces in a few galleries within the U.K. and I'm hoping to show at some Australian galleries soon.

What do you hope for in the future in terms of your work?
I am hoping to sell my work through more outlets in Australia to have a permanent collection on display.
I have an idea for a new collection that I am currently developing, I hope to have this in time for Christmas '08, it is much more ornate than my current work!
I am keen to keep up my private commissions which I love as I have the freedom to indulge in the design. I love creating pieces that have great meaning to the wearer as this is true jewellery; jewellery with a story that will be loved and cherished for generations.
Eventually I would love to have a gallery (featuring gorgeous jewellery from other designers) with an onsite workshop where I can work with customers to design their dream pieces.

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Kerces said...

Thanks for talking to Sinead – I came across her stuff at the markets last year and it's interesting to find out her inspirations and techniques. Sounds like she looks for similar things in jewellery to me...