Thursday, July 3, 2008

Don't miss this: Vintage Fashion Fair

"Life's too short to wear ordinary clothes"
So here's your chance. This weekend "The way we wear" fairs brings together all of 'the best' dealers from around Australia at Canberra's historic Albert Hall for the best vintage clothing, accessories, fashion ephemera, jewellery and more.

So what can we expect? The history of Albert Hall has inspired the organisers... "Art Deco fashion parades will be a highlight with fabulous 20s and 30s outfits. But, as always with The Way We Wear Fairs, there will be dealers from all round the country selling everything from 18th century to 1970s"

*edited 7/7/08 to add these images taken at the event
The Way We Wear Autumn Vintage: Fashion & Textile fair
Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th July 10-4 at Albert Hall.


JustJess said...

This is definitely in my diary - I can't wait, although working Saturday so will have to be there Sunday. (Addicted to Fabric sale this weekend - wanna do a write-up?)

ninaribena said...

Hi Jess, I LOVE A2F - I'm checking it out Friday - Can't wait... just what I need, more stuff in the stash! But I can't help it! - Do you work there?

kris said...

hello! thank you for letting me know about the vintage fair! how amazing was it? i now am richer by a million buttons... i took about 1000 photos.

ninaribena said...

Yes Kris, I had a fab time too. Just wish I was a wee bit smaller - I saw so many tiny girls trying on some A-MAZING dresses... a bit green with envy. But that didn't stop me getting a couple of cool things... weren't the buttons FAAAABULOUS?!!!

Man in the Grey Suit said...

Probly a stupid, and useless quetions, but is there mens fashion featured at all?

(He says with no hope of a yes at all.)