Thursday, July 31, 2008

Winter warming Thursday: Kuma

Something new from Canberran designer, the lovely Amy Kerr...
This playful little kuma wheat toy is a wonderful companion. He is filled with wheat grains and designed to be a heat/cool pack as well as a fun-filled, functional toy. Like a juggling bag, he can be thrown, tossed and played with...and when you are all worn out you can heat him/cool him and sit down for a cuddle.
He is a lovely robust oriental-esque toy designed to provide amusement and comfort for all his friends. He has been lovingly handmade from a mixture of beautiful fabrics - original hand-dyed and hand-printed yukata cotton is used in conjunction with a variety of colour co-ordinated cotton & cotton/linen blend.
Get yours at Amy's Etsy store, or meet Amy at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston on Sunday.

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Amy said...

Thank you so much Lisa! The little Kuma are very excited about their write-up :) You are wonderful! You are doing such a fabulous job of showcasing the goodies Canberra has to offer.
Huge hugs!! Love Amy x.

(PS: Sorry about the deleted was the same but with a spelling mistake - I couldn't bear to leave it like that!)