Saturday, July 12, 2008

Puuurge: Garage Sale!

A few items I'll be purging from my life tomorrow via garage sale, being hosted by my southside friend...

Above: Blue resin jug, teapot with purple plastic cozy/helmet (both extremely cute). Large original 'Jazz' pastel drawing with glass - ready to hang, my 'Noni Hazelhurst' tribute cushion, fluffy bathroom stool, black and white framed image, and 2 vases - formerly part of my expansive white vase collection.
and going...going... The 'almost famous' coffee table, with hole in middle for dish (sadly the dish has not withstood the test of time/children - but the placemats will be there!)... and maybe the rug too... still mulling that one over, hmmm.

Interested? There will be heaps more...I can't guarantee style, but there will be substance... from 11am SUNDAY [address removed]. Come and say 'ello darling!

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