Monday, July 14, 2008

Recycle: Ecosilk

How gorgeous are these re-useable shopping bags? Designed by fashion designer Emily Hay who, dismayed with the wide spread acceptance of the plastic bag in society and the lack of a viable alternative... she uses parachute silk in a range of beautiful colours. Washable, re-usable and once finally unuseable (5+ years), the fabric will be recycled by Ecosilk.

Find out more at the Ecosilk website, and buy them in Canberra, here...

Duffy - Duffy Post Office.
Fyshwick Markets – Natural Health Centre. Ph:02 6295 1415
Lyneham - Lyneham Laundromat & Post Office. Ph: 02 6247 0331
Red Hill - Red Hill Newsagency

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Barbara said...

I traded in my ugly green Woolies bags a long time ago and purchased a tres divine set of these:

I bought a set of five, but I've seen them sold as singles out at The Style Emporium at Gold Creek Village.