Friday, July 25, 2008

Eco Chic: Enviro Sax

If you liked the Eco Silk bags I showed you last week, then you'll love these... Enviro Sax (nothing to do with instrumentalist Kenny G on the beach I promise)... thanks to my ever styling friend Barbara who pointed me to these Aussie Made beauties...

"Re-thinking the future of shopping, Envirosax stylish carry-all bags simultaneously rescue shoppers from the mundanity of unfashionable choices, and the planet from the dangers of unconscionable choices. Envirosax bags are an exciting new medium for the message of environmental sustainability and a move in the right direction for the evolution of a culture."

Envirosax are stocked here ANU Co-op bookshop, Wheel & Barrow, The Garden, Living In Style (Manuka), Bliss Garden and Gift (Pialligo), Unit Concepts (Braddon) and the Style Emporium (Gold Creek). Check out the website for all the info on how Envirosax are saving the world.


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Kerces said...

I got one of these free through work and it is so handy. It just rolls up into a tiny little bundle and I keep it in my handbag so there's no more forgetting green bags at home or in the car when I do those after-work quick grocery runs.