Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fabulous Eco style: Mooble

I just saw the most gorgeous outfit in the window at Mooble in the City and was floored to learn that it is also sustainable design! Yes fashionistas, there is a world where eco-friendly manufacturing meets good design...The label is Bird, and I'm well pleased indeed...

Bird is Australia's first climate-neutral fashion business. Clothing is made on solar power in Byron Bay, NSW and fabrics are printed using water based dyes. Bird's funky retro botanical hand-printed designs are tailored into smart colourful unique pieces which will make you feel special every time you wear them. Not limited to fashion, Bird also design a range of equally delicious accessories and homewares, available at Mooble.

Natural . organic . sweatshop free . fair trade . recycled
Mooble stocks a range of premium goods that are ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, don't employ sweat-shop labour, non-toxic and are of excellent quality. "Most of our ranges are from smaller boutique producers who are passionate about their products, and their passion is embodied in their work!" Definitely worth a look, there's plenty more of the good stuff in store.

All images courtesy of Bird Textiles
Mooble is on the corner of Petrie Plaza in Baileys Corner, London Circuit, Canberra City. ph 6162 4985


Nanette said...

If only they sold the fabrics as well! Thanks for the link, I didn't know about this shop.

Michelle said...

Bird comes originally from Slingfings, another fabulous fully sustainable company, using recycled fabrics.

I love Mooble - could buy just about everything in the shop!

lee dewar said...

i've been to the slingfings studio in byron bay- its gorgeous!! part-showroom, part-studio there's plenty of recycled fabrics for you to take home or dresses already made up!

personally while i love mooble i dont think they have a variety of bird designs, especially when you see the exciting images of whats available. i guess there's a risk in purchasing such expensive garments for your shop thinking, "people better buy this!!!"

Stu said...

You're right in that we don't have everything from Bird in small Canberra, but we do have 4 styles of new season Bird skirts, the short jacket as well as a dress or two, in plenty of colours and prints!

Also have small bags, the fabrics as blinds, plus their wrapped soaps and cards.

Stu of mooble