Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Covet: Prince chair

The Prince Chair, designed by Louise Campbell for a competition to design a chair for Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark

"This chair was originally designed in 2001 for a competition with the theme: design a chair for His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Frederik. Bound by centuries of firm traditions, and yet a young man very much in touch with his generation, Frederik lives a life full of contrasts. These contrasts were the obvious inspiration in designing the chair. On one level it illustrates a motif resembling fine old lace, (there is a point to the transparency of the chair – it is hard for a prince to hide from the public eye,) on the other level the chair is produced using visibly high technology methods. The chair didn’t win this competition, but has managed to create a pleasantly high-flying jet-set life for itself anyway."
In April 2006 it was awarded with the EDIDA – Elle Decoration International Design Award.

By challenging modern manufacturing processes, it is possible to perforate two very different materials – steel and rubber - with precisely the same pattern. The steel creates the framework of this chair, the rubber gives it softness and comfort, a refreshing alternative to upholstery.

Yours is available at Designcraft, 8 Tralee Street Hume.

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