Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Smiggle: stationery cuteness

Now completely spoiled for choice when it comes to stationery, the Canberra Centre is now home to Canberra's own Smiggle concept store. With fun playful shapes, strong youthful colours, this one's going to be huge with students and the young at heart...

above: a collection of the Smiggle staples (sorry - bad pun!) and the display of gift wrap

With fully co-ordinated ranges of everything you could ever need in the office, and some things you don't - somebody tell me about the electric eraser - please!

Erasers in every shape and scent(!) imagined - ugh maybe I'm getting old!!! Well maybe not, here's the handbag I made from 2 rolls of the cute packing tape! Hee hee, Smiggle is cuteness and a bit of fun - just glad I don't own any teenagers...yet!
Smiggle is on the ground level of the Canberra Centre (sort-of) near Target.


Emily B said...

How on earth did you make a bag out of tape?! I would love to know more details about that!

Mandy Splendor said...

The tween to 14 ear old in me loves Smiggle but it feels a little embarrassing to want any of their stock for uni (if I can't look my age I should at least act it). Also, every time I try to go in there it's full of kids! Nothing scarier than trying to maneuver around their excited cliques as you try to view the shelves. Perhaps I should arrange a 9am trip just to avoid them :P I did check out the store in Kotara (suburb of Newcastle) but I had my mum to protect me and it didn't feel quite so shameful. Is it wrong to like this stuff when you're aged above their target audience?