Friday, June 6, 2008

Not Chic: Fireworks

Ok, I'm going to rant, because I feel strongly about this one... Fireworks available to the public to use on their private property for a 3 day long weekend is: STUPID STUPID STUPID. Can any-one guess that I hate the Queens birthday long weekend in Canberra?
  • Only ACT residents, who are 18 years or older, may purchase fireworks for use during the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday weekend only. Sure.
  • Fireworks may only be discharged between 5:00pm and 9:00pm on Saturday and Sunday of the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday weekend. Oh will notice if we wake all the sleeping children way past midnight for an entire week.
  • Fireworks cannot be used in public streets or parks without prior written approval from the relevant Government authority. Huh, who would have thought?
  • Fireworks can cause serious damage and injury if used in an unsafe and irresponsible manner. Oh, I hope so.
This is my favourite part, safety:
  • All fireworks must be used in a manner which will not endanger any person or animal, or damage property.
  • Each firework should have clear instructions printed on the packaging, describing what it does and how to use it safely. Use the firework in accordance with these instructions. If your firework does not have this information, do not use it.
  • Ensure that fireworks are stored out of reach of children and away from any potential sources of ignition.
  • Use fireworks in clear open spaces, at a safe distance from buildings, vehicles or vegetation.
  • Do not lean over the firework or hold a firework in your hand while it is being lit, and keep spectators at least 5m away from the firing site. Duh, why not?
  • Protect animals by keeping pets safely indoors. Yeah, all of them right across Canberra - because every one of them is mortally terrified. Fireworks should not be used in areas where they could harm wildlife.
  • Ensure that a garden hose or bucket of water is readily available in case of a fire. And maybe have emergency set to speed dial.
If you must set fireworks yourself this weekend, please don't - oh, I mean, please stick to the conditions of sale - especially the time restrictions. Please consider everyone who lives near you. And if anyone living near me wakes my children, I will set them up crying in your living room.

To everyone else, have a fabulous weekend at the coast!, Nina x


Janet McKinney said...

I agree, I agree, I agree.

I cannot think of anything more stupid than to allow anyone to set off fireworks.

I have nothing against looking at fireworks - I think the displays - set off by professionals and all set up safely - are spectacular. Why on earth would you allow any Tom, Dick or Harry to set them for over a weekend?


Michelle said...

Totally agree. Expecially after our neighbourhood fireworks woke us at 3 am on the morning after the public holiday last year!

Mandy Splendor said...

Canberra is a total law unto itself when it comes to, well, everything! You move to the nation's capital and all laws that make sense go out the door, simply because it keeps the suits happy.

Jewels said...

Sorry Babe
I love love love them :P

redmag said...

Like jewles.....I love them too.....but the dog hates them...and he is already on Sunday he will probaby have chewed his finger nails to the waken the baby twelve times over....maybe this year i'll grow to hate them but i hope not!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I still don't understand the whole Queens Birthday Weekend=fireworks link.

But then again I originally come from a country which has fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night: a night which celebrates someone in another country not blowing up parliament. Which really makes even less sense...

Anonymous said...

I hate this long weekend! I work in a Porn store and we have been getting idiots comming in and asking for fire works for months. Some even refuse to leave unless we supply them with their domestic explosives! WE DON'T SELL FIREWORKS!!! We never have and we never will. I am in total agrement with Janet - why can't it just be left to the experts like with SkyFire?

Anna said...

I hope you post again soon, I only just discovered you!

ninaribena said...

Quite predictably, the crackers were still going well past midnight each night in my area, with a nice earth shattering ka-boom around 11:30 on the Friday night... and continuing into the following week... oh my joy.