Monday, June 30, 2008

Pursing Up: Lucite Handbags

Pursing Up continues Canberra Museum and Gallery’s Cabinets of Curiosities series which showcases the private collections of Canberra and the region.
Rae Harvey has a passion for beautiful attire. To create her distinctive style, Rae re-examines past fashion trends and finds inspiration in vintage fabrics. She designs and makes many of her own clothes. Rae’s Lucite (acrylic) handbag collection began with a gift from her daughter in 2004. Since then Rae has acquired over fifty handbags, mostly purchased on e-bay.
For Rae these handbags are not simply an accessory; the finishing touch to a special outfit. Rae also appreciates them as the creative work of fine craftspeople. She delights in their bizarre shapes and “shining embellishments”. Their film star association adds a glamorous dimension, suggested in the names of the manufacturing companies: Patricia of Miami, Lewsid Jewel, Florida Handbags, Tyrolean, Rialto, Wilardy, Maxim, Majestic, Charles S Kahn, Myles Originals & Dorset Rex.
On Now in the Cabinets and Curiosities exhibit at Canberra Museum and Gallery.
Open until September 14.

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