Friday, June 13, 2008

Shhh: Trade Secrets...

Just discovered, near Brand Depot: Trade Secret offering big brands with cheeky prices. I was skeptical as to what I would discover beyond the doors - expecting a pretty average bonds style outlet, but what I found got me pretty excited...
"Trade Secret offers the latest looks and fashion essentials all at up to 60% less than you’d pay at other stores. Didn’t you know that paying full price is so last season?! The best part... Trade Secret has fashion for the whole family! From bubs and littlies, to girls, boys and teens of all ages, as well as ladies and men’s fashion for all occasions. Plus, there’s a great selection of homewares at amazing prices! All garments are first quality that’s right – no seconds or samples and with new stock arriving daily you can discover something new every day!"
When I got to the womens fashion department I was in my element. Labels include French Kitty (OMG I'm in love!), Purr, Living Doll, M-one-11, Sass, Otto Mode, Just Add Sugar and Vanessa Tong (see the red top at the bottom, I couldn't help myself - Faaabulous!). Love, love, loving.
Living Doll; Otto Mode

Purr cardi; M-one11 jacket

French Kitty shorts; Living Doll rain boots

L: Vanessa Tong top; R: Just Add Sugar T-shirt, French Kitty shorts, Tempt jacket, ebay shoes, op-shop bag.

Trade Secret also stock a fantastic range of kids clothing (fab prices, really nice stuff), handbags, umbrellas, very cute lingerie (if you are a normal size*), sleepware and mens clothing. And the prices actually ARE pretty amazing!
Trade Secret is on Mustang Ave, right next door to Jim Murphy (near Brand Depot).

* I am actually not average enough for most lingerie - outrageous! My mate Ali understands my pain.


Fiona said...

I know I wher I need to go on the weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love it, first day spend $170 second day (day after) $200, can get enough of it. Cant wait till i have some money to go back again. Only thing is they dont have any going out dresses but i would still give it 9/10 :)