Friday, June 20, 2008

Richard Larter: a Retrospective

Opened today, this retrospective journey showcases "one of Australia's most engaging and lively artists". His works have been described as provocative, dazzling, evocative and lyrical. Larter's subjects have included explorations of the human body and sexuality to Pop culture.

Cream Filling; Phew Finger Ring

Untitled; Tara #5

Sliding Easy
The exhibition includes a room dedicated to his obsessive devotion to his artist wife Pat Larter. Richard Larter: A Retrospective is open until September 14 at the National Gallery of Australia. Loving this, check it out this weekend.

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Mandy Splendor said...

Someone can obsessively devote art to me any time they like :) .. Must check this exhibition out ASAP.