Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cup Day Highlights

I celebrated Cup Day with my family and some friends at the Defence Staff College in Weston, and what a lovely day to get dressed up! Here are my highlights...

How did you spend your day, and did you have any luck on the races?


lillipilli said...

Oh, I LOVE that dress! Was it a DIY?
Actually your fantastic Ikea skirt inspired me to make my own - I can't decide which way to make the pattern go though. The dilemma!

ninaribena said...

Hi Lillipilli, thank you! yes the dress was indeed a DIY based on my deep remorse for never having made a wonderful vintage inspired dress and my last minute 'I've got nothing to wear' panic. It was made from a rectangle of fabric and belted only through the front - using fabric bestowed upon me by my dear grandmother. I felt completely glamorous! Best of luck with your skirt too! xx