Friday, November 7, 2008

image ↔ object Peta Jones

image ↔ object, a new body of work by textile and product designer Peta Jones, will be opened by Susan Taylor, of Department of the Exterior tomorrow afternoon {oooh, actually, sorry...its on Saturday 15th November!} at Craft ACT’s Gallery in Civic. The exhibition features a range of paper prototypes which explore the cross over between fashion and the sculpted object.

Peta Jones, Dress Merino wool, 2008, digital print of building façade, thread, steel pins.
Jones has created a collection of paper prototype dresses, hats, bags, vessels and a folding screen, all of which have been formed from flat sheets of paper printed with repeat images of building facades and textures found in the natural environment. image ↔ object traces the working process from an original image to a finished prototype highlighting Jones’ skill in transforming flat paper into a unique body of work.

For more info check out the Craft ACT website here.

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