Monday, November 24, 2008

Now that was a REAL market!

I'm not sure that anyone could have dared dream the gob-smacking success of Canberra's first Handmade Market, held on Saturday. Despite the rather inclement weather, the crowds streamed in and most were well pleased to finally find style at a market filled with only handmade goods.
That's me and my almost empty stall (image by Ink & Leather)
Every stall holder I spoke with enjoyed record sales, many selling far more than anticipated and some ran out of stock! I personally had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and feedback from shoppers who loved my work. I was particularly excited to have so many readers come and chat - it's absolutely brilliant to meet you and I hope you had as much fun as I did!

And because I was so run off my very impractical pointy shoes and was unable to take my own photos, with many thanks, our photos come via The Riot Act and the lovely Grant from Ink & Leather.

A crowd shot from my own vantage point (image via Riot Act)

Even the outdoor stalls enjoyed a roaring trade (image via the Riot Act)

One of my favourites: Florence Broadhurst-y goodness Canvas Wall (image via the Riot Act)

And the sun even made an appearance! (images via the Riot Act)
A huge thank you and congratulations to event organiser and superwoman all-round, Julie Nichols - what a coup for you. How about we blow that up the skirts of a few pollies!

And to quote a perfect stranger who quipped "Now that's how a real market should be!" Welcome to Canberra Handmade, I can't wait for the next one in February!!! Yahoo!


Unknown said...

Congrats, Nina! I'm so glad you had a good one, I wish I could've been there!

ninaribena said...

Thank you lillipilli, and just for you I have just begun to Etsy-up a little Tango & James shop

have a sneaky peek and let me know what you think!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I read and enjoy your blog and wanted to say so when I saw your stall at the markets but I chickened out.... so I will say it here! I really enjoy reading your blog and getting inspiration from it.


Market Girl said...

Hey Hey,

how good was that day?

Still trying to catch up. Thank you so much to everyone who not only attended as a stall holder but ALL the customers who attended. The day was everything and more.

Here's to bigger and better next time.

Market Girl

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
Do you have a contact or any way of tracking down the person responsible for the fab Florence Broadhursty prints? A friend was explaining she had bought one and lo, there is a photo on your blog and now I realise my life and my walls are incomplete and I must source one or twenty before the sun sets. Yours dramatically, Emma (who had two sets of Sydney visitors to deal with and couldn't get to the market but will not miss it next time)

ninaribena said...

Hello dramatic Emma! I too absolutely adore the Florence-y goodness from Nick Gallagher of Canvas Wall, check my interview with Nicky here, and you can contact her by email here
LOVE IT! xxx

Anonymous said...

Loved it so much and loved meeting you too! SO EXCITED about the IKEA post as well.

ninaribena said...

Sorry, to clarify, Canvas Wall is Nicky Gallagher.

Hello lovely Jen, yes it was lovely to share the stage with you and to finally meet! xx

Michelle said...

It was a great market day! I went past you a couple of times to say hello and introduce myself but you were always surrounded by (obviously) adoring fans!

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