Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's time to go: dear dining table

The time has come for my designer splurge item to leave Casa Ribena. In order to make way for a much larger family size table, far more practical for my needs, the Magis Tavolo XZ3 centrepiece in my dining room has to go.

I bought this pet while I was working the showroom at Cite and she has served us well, still looking as lovely as she did when she was walked in the door, she will be published as part of a Home Beautiful spread due out in May 2009 (ooohhh!!! secret's out!!!)...

Magis TavoloXZ3 designed 2003, in chromed rod steel 3-way base, top in white laminated finish 1200mm diameter - a comfy size for my formerly 3m x 3m room and happily seats 4. Valued at $800 I could let her go for $400, if anyone is interested, she can be flat(ish) packed for travel. Come and check her out if you are keen.

This fabulously modern style will sit well with any number of modern chairs, notably Eames Eiffel chairs or anything chrome or lucite or polypropylene, but if you're eyeing off my chairs, they were an extremely rare find, so be prepared to put up a fight!

{sigh} end of an era! Love Nina x


Barb F said...

Ooh, what are you replacing her with? I remember when you bought her :)

And HOORAY for the HB spread, I'm busting to see the results. May 2009? Too long to wait!

ninaribena said...

Hi barb, replacing her with a kick ass enormous extending table from Ikea, the Bjursta supa-size, in Oak veneer. Quite sure I could land a plane on it, I can't wait!