Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Handmade [up]market: something unique

1. Tiny vial pendants by Origami Ornaments 2. Unique jewellery by Epiphanie 3. Bejewelled accessories by Rockstars and Royalty 4. Sassy purses by Tango & James 5. Silversmithing by Emma Kidson 6. Screen printed teatowels by Moyou 7. Florence Broadhurst for your wall by Canvas Wall 8. 'Some Like it Ruff' necklet, by Tango & James

Only at Handmade: Canberra's UPmarket, this Saturday 10-6 at Albert Hall


Michelle said...

Can't wait!

Nanette said...

these look great. Particularly love that bag.

origami said...

I only just started reading this blog, but I just wanted to say thanks for linking to the handmade market. =)

(in particular given you've also linked my origami jewellery....^-^)