Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trinity Bar: Tuggeranong

A couple of weeks ago, I took the opportunity with my best gal pals, to check out the new and anticipated Trinity Bar in Tuggeranong (baby sister to Trinity in Dickson).
The theme is the same - everything in threes, and a dark and cruisey fitout. I was pleased to see, the ceiling-mounted beer taps (three of them of course), as in the original venue - quite an engineering triumph!
My favourite element is the lighting. Above, the fabric covered lights in the bar area.

And the reflective (brass?) ball pendants. 
Round ottoman seating, mosaics behind the bar, and, not seen in these images, the lovely dark timber veneer on the walls with a gloss black graphic - very subtle, and very chic.
Invited in by the image of this quite small space with cosy lighting and twinkling tealight candles inside. The outdoor area, streetside is covered and is a great spot for people-watching (in Tuggeranong???), yes Anketell street now has quite the cafe strip going on now!
But we were stumped by one thing... a phrase, possibly in latin(?), embedded in the polished concrete floor - "VINI VIDI VINVMBIBI I"  does anyone know what it means???

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Something for the boys : Pocket Monster

So, further to my post on the Bourgois Pig, the other very different store now started by the owner of Unit Concepts is this one, (something for the boys) Pocket Monster...
The interior of this fitout is dominated by a huge scale comic mural, which I imagine will appeal to 16-32 year old guy with plenty of humour - and plenty of street style.
The store is home to gadgets and novelties, t-shirts, guys accessories etc. Not exactly my style, but I certainly respect it's boldness! And you can bet I'll be there leading up to my little brother's birthday later this year!
Pocket Monster is on Lonsdale Street, Braddon.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ooh La la: Bombshell Design

Ooh La la! I spotted the hottest lingerie stall at the Kingston markets and spoke with the designer for Bombshell Design - Victoria Worley about her gorgeous designs...

Who or what influences your work? " Mainly calendar pin-up girls from the forties and fifties, anyone with curves. Also the fabrics I like to use are mostly pretty cottons which I think makes mine different to modern bras that use microfibres and moulded cups. I think bras have recently become very scientific and I want to bring some fun back to lingerie."

"I completed an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design from CIT in 2000 with plans to become a costume designer. I still design costumes for The Australian Choreographic Centre and have done their last five Quantum Leap shows."

How did Bombshell Design begin? "After making a bra for a scene in a play, a friend who had trouble buying nice bras in her size asked if I would make one for her. This got me thinking there was a niche that wasn't being catered for. I decided to take it one step further by designing larger size maternity bras"

"I would describe my style as playful and feminine"

The tartan range pays homage to a favorite fashion design great Vivienne Westwood.
Where can we buy them? "As you know, I sell at the Old Bus Depot Markets and I am loving it. I have my website, which is being freshened up a bit, and I have designed and made a mastectomy bra for women after breast surgery that includes a pocket for prosthesis - available only at Colleen's Post Mastectomy Connection."

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia Day

Casey the Koala, by Redmag on ETSY

Nothing more Australian than cooking some lamb on a barbecue, but it was definitely 'gourmet-ed' up when we were invited to meet a friend's new main squeeze. A Neil Perry recipe of lamb cutlets marinated with lemongrass and coriander (and more) on a bed of bbq'd veges with a dollop of (Doodles brand!!?) mayonnaise.... followed by a pavlova! ahhh too good! Compliments to the chefs - you make a very cute couple and a to-die-for-BBQ!

I hope your Australia day was as good.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Chic Boutique: Bourgeois Pig

I needed to pop into Unit Concepts to grab prezzies for loved ones and discovered that it has diversified...well, rather, the owner has taken up adjoining shop spaces and opened 2 additional boutiques for very differing taste buds. One is Bourgeois Pig, with a dark opulent interior and indulgent offerings, it is the longest skinniest shop space I have ever come across.

The layout is defined by an entire wall of showcased goodies: handbags, accessories, jewellery, glam lingerie, opulent gifty stuff, or something to spoil your own good self!

Very interesting and well worth a look. Bourgeois Pig, Lonsdale St Braddon.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Project: I have a chair problem!

I need to confess that I have a chair problem... I have too many of them, and I can not resist bringing more of them home! If I see a bargain designer chair, I need to save it, because surely I would be the only person in the world who could appreciate it fully...
I recently scavenged my next project from a stranger living around the block from my house. Upside down, left outside to be rained on, was this irresistible was hopeless, I would have to stage a rescue.

Clearly Danish in design, and in an extremely dilapidated state, this will be quite a project.
I will re-build her as an armchair and she will be beautiful.

Here is something of a visionary goal (obviously not a rocker, but you might get the picture!); And here (from Doorsixteen)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Retail Therapy: Living In Style

I cruised around Manuka in need of a little retail therapy, I found just the eye candy I needed in a little store right at the back of Style Arcade. Living In style was full of pretty, and funky,  and a couple of unusual finds...
mod big button badges by Dan300
Zip pouches by Uchi

Kiji fabric badges also by Dan300
...and I couldn't leave without my very own Momiji,
from it's own strange little planet! She can hang out with her new best friend Miki, which I blogged about here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shiny shiny new computer!

Got Mac!
I bit the bullet and popped into the Mac shop in the Canberra Centre today... and came home with shiny new dead sexy imac. Still working out how it works, so in the absence of a new Canberra's Got Style story, have a look at this new darling now at home in my office!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Designer Profile: Judas clothing's Naomi Hogie

In terms of mens fashion, there is not alot of choice for the professional 35-45 year old who wants to wear something unique. Enter Naomie Hogie of Judas clothing - classic shirts with a hint of fabulous retro/vintage. Naomi tells us how she got started...

Naomi, how would you describe your personal style? "I love being daring, but also classy. I love simple shapes with beautiful fabrics as well as mixing colours and patterns so they POP. I always wait for that ‘POP’ moment before a final piece is created."

You studied fashion, although you never intended to! Tell us about that. "Well, it’s a weird story. I did want to be fashion designer, but I always thought it was a pipe dream, until I didn’t make it into university, and found myself enrolled into Fashion Design at CIT. I actually enrolled because a friend of mine begged me to go with her. She ended up leaving the course after a term, but I loved it and stayed."

How did you arrive at doing JUDAS Clothing? its gorgeous and so unique! "I actually had a womenswear label in 2003 located in Sydney, and found it was extremely difficult. After struggling with it for a few years I decided to take a break and come back to Canberra (my home town). I have always thought of launching a menswear label as I thought there is such a whole in the market, but thought womenswear had more potential. Only when I started talking to men in Canberra, I realised that the need for mens clothing is even bigger here. So I sewed 5 mens shirts and went to my local men’s shop and asked him if he was interested in stocking them. He loved them and they started gathering a lot interest from day one."

You have plans to expand the JUDAS line, what can we expect to see? "The new collection will be an absolute show stopper. It’s called the ‘Signature Collection’, and is due to come out at the beginning of March. I’m launching 5 exclusive styles that will available from small to 3XL, and will also come in classic fit, slim and french cuff. The combinations of fabrics are gorgeous and I think the men of Canberra won’t know what hit them."

And what would you like to see in the future in terms of your work? "I would love to see my business grow in terms of stockists and staff. I do hope to launch a women’s wear label in about 2 years, and have a mens and womenswear label working side by side. I hope to have 10 stockists around Australia within a year and a production team of 8 to 15 within 3 years. I hope to launch internationally within 3 years, and would like to see a flagship store. And my ultimate mission is to create Madam Avenue as a global empire."

Where can we buy your stuff? "Currently I am stocked at Itrip Iskip in Braddon and at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston, where a wider collection is available." And dont forget to check out the Judas website .

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hot Metal: Nephilim Jewellery

For a newcomer to the art of metalsmithing, the creator of Nephilim jewellery is a talent to behold. I asked Pinky the burning questions about her very beautiful art...

Bonsai pendant

How would you describe your personal style?

"I would probably best describe my personal style as multi-genre or culturally eclectic. Many different cultures and sub-cultures influence my designs, just as they influence my everyday life. I take inspiration from many styles and I like to incorporate them into pieces I create that appeal to me and hopefully others."

Wave pendant

Who or what influences your work?

"I find inspiration all around me - in nature, engineering papers, different cultures and sub-cultures, sci-fi and fantasy books. I love being able to fuse organic designs and ideas into somewhat industrial metalwork and create pieces of wearable art that are tangible and tactile. I think this is why etching is one of my favourite techniques at the moment - you can appreciate the patterns with your eyes and your fingertips too."

Koi Lariat with bubbles; Blossom earrings

How long have you been making jewellery?
"I started silversmithing 9 months ago. I fell in love with metal, discovering my appreciation for the aesthetic, and have been at the bench ever since - experimenting, learning and creating."

The making of a Maple Leaf etch pendant
Where can we buy your jewellery?

"At present, the only place where my jewellery is available is on my Etsy store and on my website."

Star shower necklace
What do you hope for in the future, in terms of your work?
"In future, I hope to see my work grow and evolve as I continually learn and incorporate new techniques into my pieces. In future, I hope I will be able to reach a larger audience through brick and mortar stores. It would be a dream to be able to walk into a store and see my work in there one day!"